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February 26, 2019Wedding Guide Mag

Getting Organized: Pre or Post-Wedding

Ever since Tidying Up with Marie Kondo dropped on January 1st this year, social media has been abuzz with excited tidiers, detractors, and the curious. Immediately, all we could think about was how nice it would be for someone to gift us an organization guru to get our spaces in order. For many couples about to get married, decluttering pre or post-wedding can help you create the lives you want together. If you wish you could be gifted some tidying up help (best wedding gift ever), Canada has our own queen of clutter for all your organizational needs!

KonMari for Canada

Ivanka Siolkowsky is the Platinum KonMari consultant and owner of the Tidy Moose, a Toronto-based professional organization firm. Utilizing the KonMari method, as well as other decluttering systems and her own tidying up system for kids, Ivanka has helped countless couples at all stages in their life find happiness in their homes. We were lucky enough to catch up with Ivanka, who in a past life was a wedding photographer and elementary school teacher, and talk weddings, clutter, and what do with unwanted gifts.



Giving From the Heart

Wedding gifts can be a contentious issue for couples getting married. Many people get married later in life when they already have everything they need. Ivanka is no stranger to receiving these types of unwanted, unneeded gifts. “As a teacher, I would get those all the time! I always told my students, I would much rather receive a handmade card with a note from the heart.” As a wedding photographer, she also saw first-hand wedding gifts given in guilt, rather than as a gift from the heart, and how that can result in couples receiving half a dozen garlic presses, towels they don’t need, and scores of other things that create clutter and never get unpacked.

So, what are wedding attendees, who want to give a gift, to do? Ivanka recommends that “We have to be conscious of what it is we’re giving, and what the meaning of gift giving is. I feel that this has been lost along the way which is why we have so much stuff.” For couples looking to keep clutter to a minimum, and an alternative to the traditional registry, we asked what Ivanka would do, “Someone making me something means a heck of a lot more, I do recommend people give more from the heart, or just give money and let people decide what to spend it on. Don’t feel obligated to give gifts just for the sake of giving them.”

The Wedding Present They’ll Really Love

What we recommend though, is gifting something that people can really use. Ivanka’s services! Whether you are giving a wedding gift and want to come up with something creative and useful, or you are spending some of the money you got from your wedding, organizing your home with your new spouse is the best way to start your lives together. As Ivanka told us, “Your house is a manifestation of your inner self. It’s showing what you’re feeling on the inside, so let’s change that so you can move forward.”

If you’re ready to move forward with your new spouse, you can get in touch with Ivanka at www.tidymoose.com and look for more on her and how she can help you create a home you will love in our Spring issue!

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