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October 2, 2019Kate Eadie

Proposal season is soon to be upon us. More than a third of proposals, 37%, happen between November and February. As the holiday season begins to ramp up, so do proposals. Some people time their proposals for a big day surrounded by family (Christmas Day is the most popular day to pop the question). Others propose the weekend before a big celebration so that the moment can be private and then shared with family later. If you’re itching to get down on one knee, you might be feeling some anxiety, and not even about whether or not your partner will say yes.

Back in the day (ok, just the 90s) the standard for a proposal was down on one knee on a romantic date, maybe at a crowded restaurant or privately in a park later on. That’s all changed! Everyone has seen viral proposal videos that include flash mobs, mounds of flowers, and a whole lot of planning and filming. So, what are you supposed to do to compete with that? Here are some fantastic and unique proposal ideas that won’t leave you hanging for a “yes” while being filmed by five people in a crowd of a hundred others.


Winter Wonderland

Since many proposals take place around the holidays, you may have a good cover of snow outside when you’re ready to propose. On a day with good packing snow, go outside and build a snowman proposing to their soon-to-be-snow-fiancé. Then take your partner outside and show them your hard work. When they’re looking at the snow proposal, get down on one knee and pop the question. We know they’ll love the scene you created! To make it even more romantic, add string lights in and decorate the scene with flowers. We would also recommend getting a friend to be standing in the wings with a camera ready.

Photo Booth Proposal

The tricky part about this one is finding a photo booth. We recommend looking for them at skating rinks, movie theatres, and arcades. Once you find a photo booth, however, this proposal is will leave you with a lovely memory (please note, your new fiancé might insist on redoing better pictures if the originals don’t come out nice). When you go into the photo booth between the first and second photo, take the ring out and propose. The remaining pictures will be your partner’s real time reaction and will make for a great story.


Ski Lift Proposal

This one is very unique for any ski-fiends out there. We recommend coordinating with the ski-resort that you plan on going to just in case and bringing along a few friends that can ski to help you pull this off as it does need some planning. Have your friends go up first and give them at least a twenty-minute window. They can then ski to a spot under the ski lift and write your partner’s full name in the snow (use their full name or a nickname to not cause a ton of confusion and fights for other couples on the ski lift) followed by “will you marry me?” You and your partner then get some time together on the ski lift to celebrate one on one.

Book Cut Out

If you want to propose to someone who loves literature, then you could do a book cut out proposal. To do this, you hollow out a shape (a heart is charming, but a square is easier) in a large chunk of the book. Don’t use their copy of the book you want to use, go out and buy a new one. A popular choice and one that any Harry Potter fan would love is Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Chapter 15 is named “The Unbreakable Vow,” which makes it a prime candidate for hollowing out and hiding a ring tied with a ribbon inside the cavity. When you propose, your partner will open the book, revealing the title of the chapter and a ring for them. You can use their favourite book, a poem collection on love, or a good chunk of Jane Austin.


Take Inspiration from Our Real Weddings

Some of our real weddings have truly inspired proposals. Wes proposed to Liz with a song he wrote for her on the guitar and a slideshow of their life together in a romantic winter wonderland he created. Kyle proposed to Hana surrounded by flower petals and candles with a ring pop because he knew she would want to pick the ring out herself.

Proposals need to be right for the people who are taking part in them. You know your partner and will know what kind of proposal they want – whether that’s big and bold or a quiet occasion for the two of you at home. Enjoy the beginning of your happily ever after.

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