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July 17, 2019Kate Eadie

Going eco-friendly and being green is no longer a mere trend, now we have eco-friendly weddings! Green living is a lifestyle change that we as individuals and as a society are continuously undergoing. If you’re getting married, then you know that a lot is going into your day. You may be wondering what you can do to make your day a bit more friendly towards mother earth. Here are some tips and tricks from the team at Wedding Guide Mag to having an eco-friendly wedding.

Keep It Local

No matter where you’re getting married, you can keep it local. When you hire vendors for your big day, get ones local to your venue to cut down on travel. You can also inquire with the vendors you are interested in to see how they keep it local. Does your caterer use local produce? Does a local company make your favours? Does your photographer have to drive hours to get to your venue? Staying local will not only reduce your carbon footprint with a green wedding but will often help you save on travel and delivery fees!


In Season Is Best

When you start to plan when you want to get married, seasonality is essential for food and flowers! You can get most food and flowers year-round but depending on the season you could be importing these things from quite far away. For food, talk to your caterer early on about their various seasonal menus to help you decide what season suits your tastes best. We have previously written about Alternatives to Out of Season Flowers and know that you can have a beautiful seasonal bouquet no matter when you get married!

Cut Down on Flying (As Best You Can)

One of the most significant factors in making your wedding green is your wedding’s locality. Having your wedding close to home and being able to limit the number of people taking flights to get there will significantly cut down on your wedding’s carbon footprint. Many people live incredible distances away from family and friends. If this is your reality, then we would recommend doing a carbon footprint analysis. Sit down and figure out the option that would have the least people flying. Maybe it would be you flying out to your hometown. Maybe it’s a few family members flying to you. Or, maybe it’s having a small destination wedding at an eco-friendly resort.


Wedding Attire

One of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint for your wedding attire is by renting and upcycling. For your wedding gown, there are various shops and trading groups that will allow brides to donate or resell their gently used wedding gowns. For grooms and groomsmen who need a suit or a tux, instead of going all out and purchasing new garments for everyone, rent their wedding attire instead. While it can be challenging to find bridesmaid rentals, you can allow your bridesmaids to either wear a dress they already own or pick out a dress that they can easily wear again. Having your bridesmaids pick their own dresses in a matching colour (black is easiest, though a green wedding is fun!) will definitely encourage them to re-wear their bridesmaid dress at a later date.


When sending invites, you can go super-green and send e-invites! If you do this, we recommend going with a company like Paperless Post, who send beautiful online invites that you can track, rather than doing a mass Facebook invite. Trust us on that one! If you really do want to send a traditional mail invitation, then we recommend trying to keep it as simple as possible. Keep it to one page and include information on this page to your wedding website for any further information you need to communicate.


Favours & Gifts

When giving out favours, one aspect of being eco-friendly is going local, but another is the usability of the item. We have all been to weddings where we received a favour then ended up in the trash. Chocolates, packaged in a recyclable box (preferably not plastic), or other treats that can be eaten are a great option. We promise not one will go to waste! You can also go with something useful, such as a bookmark or a fridge magnet. Another lovely gesture would be to donate in honour of your guests (but chocolates are really always great!).

Every action you take, including having an eco-friendly wedding, will go towards making the planet a better place. Follow these tips and let us know what you did to make your wedding a bit greener!

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