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January 15, 2019Kate Eadie

The fun little things are what make your wedding. They make for the best moments that you will cherish forever, as well as the sweetest photo ops. The Wedding Guide Magazine team has compiled a list of our eight favourite fun little things you can do for your wedding to make the day that much better.

Get Together with the Wedding Party

Your wedding party can easily be made up of people from different areas of your life. A sibling or cousin, your old grade school friend, and your BFF may not know each other well. With your fiancé’s side thrown in, it is a great idea to get together beforehand at a field day or event to get to know everyone. You could go to a board game cafe, an escape room, any activity that gets you together and having a blast.

Grandmas as Flower Girls

If you’re looking for a way to get your grandmother’s more involved in your ceremony, consider having them fill in as flower girls. They’ll have a blast, you’ll love the photos, and it is a great alternative if you are having a child-free wedding or don’t have anyone in the right age group to take on the role.

Sparklers for Favours

As long as wedding venues allow it, you should hand out little bouquets of sparklers to your guests as their wedding favour. They will have tons of fun with them and you can get amazing photos of everyone outside, sparklers lit, having a blast.


Crayons and Colouring Books At the Kids’ Table

If you do have little ones at your wedding, you want to help keep them occupied. A great way to do this is make up little crayon bundles and print off some cute colouring sheets. For a cute keepsake, you can ask them to colour a picture for you to take home and cherish always.

Fun Cake Topper

A fun cake topper is a great way to show off a bit of your personality (and you can always take it off for fancy photos of your cake). You can get something a little bit cheeky, your favourite character figurines, or even a Lego cake topper.


Decorate the Bathroom Door with Childhood Photos

Adding this small little touch is a great way to incorporate your best (or most embarrassing) childhood photos into the day. On the women’s washroom door, put pictures of the bride, and on the men’s washroom door, put pictures of the groom.

Hire a Food Truck for Late-Night Snacking

Once the party is beginning to wind down, a great note to end on is a late-night food truck snack-fest. No matter what kind of nibbles you’re after, there’s a food truck out there for you! Great for photo ops and finishing the evening on a high.


Get Some Freezies for Summer Fun

If you’re having a summer wedding, especially outdoors, then a big bucket of freezies to keep cool between the ceremony and reception is the way to go. You could even get some alcoholic ones for your adult guests (just make sure to keep them separate!).


Make it Your Own!

You don’t have to follow wedding trends to have a great night. March to the beat of your own drum. Have a little fun on your big day with the help of your favourite Canadian wedding magazine.

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