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March 11, 2019Kate Eadie

The flowers at a wedding are incredibly personal and often have significance to the bride. Whether they are a favourite bloom, hold a special memory, or were used in someone else’s bouquet who is important to the bride. Getting the right flower is key. So, what is a bride to do if her dream bouquet is out of season?

Some of the more popular flowers can be purchased all year round thanks to greenhouses and international shipping. Roses, which have always been a staple in wedding bouquets, are easy to get no matter the season. Other flowers can be more difficult to source when they are out of season or are simply not available at all. If you are a fall or winter bride, the struggle can be even worse. To help you out we have created a list of substitutes for your big day.


Big blooming peonies are only in season in the spring and early summer. You can sometimes have them shipped to Canada in the fall, but prices will go up.

English Garden Rose


If you like the bunchiness of a peony, then go with a larger English garden rose. You can get English garden roses in fall and winter. They have a powder-puff style petal structure that will provide your bouquet with oomph.

In the fall you can also get baby pink dahlias, which are more structured than a peony but strike a close resemblance, especially in size.

In winter, a ranunculus is perfect, and look so similar to peonies they are often mistaken as such. The only downside to ranunculus is they are small.


These draping tree flowers have become trendy in recent years for a bride’s bouquets. They are wonderfully fragrant and come in mainly purple, pink, blue, and white. The problem is lilacs have a very short blooming season in late May.



If you are getting married in late August or early September, then buddleia can replace lilac in your bouquet.

Hyacinth is another option that can be found from a florist year-round. It is not as dense as a lilac but is similar in style and colour.

Wisteria has the same drooping effect of lilac and looks just like lilac from a distance and in pictures. It blooms twice a year in late spring and then again in early fall.

Oriental Lilies

These white and pink speckled lilies are truly unique and special. The great thing about them is they are available from mid-June to mid-November, making them an option for fall brides. If you are getting married in the winter or spring, however, they are not available.

White Asiatic Lily

Blush Asiatic Lily

Your best bet if you love oriental lilies is to go with the hybrid Asiatic lily. These lilies can be procured all year and are quite similar to oriental lilies, though they are shorter. Their colour schemes also tend to be different and they do not have quite the same dramatic speckling. Source them in white and blush colours, and no one will notice.

Never give up on your bouquet dreams; use striking alternatives you will love.

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