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Guests attending your wedding, and even family and friends who cannot make it, will want to get you something special on your wedding day. Every couple is different, and every culture is different when it comes to the kinds of gifts that are given at a wedding. For some, cash is traditional, while others give gold coins or jewellery. A gift registry is a good idea even if you are expecting to get a majority of your gifts in cash. Just a small registry still gives guests an alternative that will be much appreciated. Completing a full registry is also a great idea as it offers guests a large selection of gifts to pick for you. We have found some excellent gift registry options that you and your fiancé will love. There is also no rule that states you have to stick to one registry. You can have multiple registries with multiple companies, just ensure you give your guests information for all the registries and that there is no overlap, so you don’t get duplicates. Browse, click, and enjoy picking out your wish list.

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