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August 29, 2019Kate Eadie

The average wedding has around four bridesmaids. While this is the standard, that number fluctuates. On occasion, you start to wonder if bridesmaids will end up lined up all the way outside the ceremony space. Figuring out how to trim down your bridal party can be tricky, especially for brides with larger families. No matter if you have the average amount of bridesmaids, a ton of them, or even just a few, trying to find a dress that works for all of them can become a nightmare.

Everyone has a different body type, skin tone, and level of comfort when it comes to what they wear. The last thing any bride wants on her big day is her wedding party to feel uncomfortable. While you might want your bridesmaids to all wear identical dresses, that might not be best for their sanity. It also might not be best for your pictures. So, what can you do to create some form of unity without ending up with mismatched dress colours, cuts, and an entirely strange looking bridal party?

Same Colour, Different Dress

If your bridesmaids look good in the same colour, then you can have the same colour but different dresses. You can DIY this, by giving your bridesmaids each a colour swatch. They can then go out and find a dress that matches. The one downside is that this can create some colour variance (though many people won’t notice the difference). Alternatively, larger wedding dress stores have lines of dresses that can be produced in the same exact fabric and colour. That way, each bridesmaid can get a dress that flatters them. They’ll feel confident and match!

Create Harmony with Colour

If your bridesmaids all look good in different colours, then to create harmony is to have them in different colours. You can do this by either using colour theory, where you pick complimentary colours on a colour wheel, or you can create a more neutral toned ombre such as from pastel pink to a darker burgundy. This will still create uniformity, especially if they get the same dress in different colours.

Everyone Looks Good in Black!

Probably the easiest solution to solving the bridesmaid dress dilemma is to give your bridesmaids a few simple rules and let them pick a dress that falls within their price range and style preference, as long as the dress is black.

When I got married, I didn’t want my bridesmaids feeling uncomfortable. After talking to them about their preferences, we tried to figure out a colour that would suit them all (there wasn’t one). I also thought about what I wanted, as well. The best way forward was three simple rules. The dress must be black, the dress must be mid-length, and the dress must be made of some kind of shiny fabric. Everything else was up to them.

Leading up to my wedding, I was sent links and photos to dresses with my bridesmaids asking about their acceptability. Every single dress, even a long one that came with a note “I’d get it hemmed” was perfect. On my wedding day, my bridesmaids all looked stunning. It also looked like we’d put way more effort into coordinating their outfits than we had. The best thing was that each of them have worn the dress many times since because you could always use another little black dress!

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