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December 13, 2018Wedding Guide Mag

Shiseido Product Feature

The team at Wedding Guide Magazine are always on the lookout for innovative products and companies that offer our brides the utmost in quality and care. This is especially true in the beauty industry, which can feel overwhelming even for makeup and skincare aficionados thanks to the sheer number of products on the market. Our searching has led us to Japan, and the 146-year-old company Shiseido. Their beauty philosophy is one full of dualities and dichotomies that stem out of the Japanese belief that there is underlying meaning everywhere. Beauty, according to Shiseido, is a hybrid of science and art, logic and feeling, material and spiritual; it is sensitive to the world around us, one reason that Shiseido is cruelty-free, and interpreted by all on an individual level.

We were lucky enough to connect with Shiseido’s Regional Trainer, Stephen Sardella, who answered three of our bridal beauty questions and provided us with some stellar Shiseido recommendations.

Wedding Guide Magazine: What would you say is the ultimate wedding beauty regimen?

Stephen Sardella:

When it comes to the ultimate Wedding Beauty Regimen, it’s all about the mask. Depending on the key areas you’re looking to target, here are our top three picks:

Shiseido makeup White Lucent brightening mask

#1 – WHITE LUCENT Power Brightening Mask: This mask aims to reduce redness from sun exposure or treatments, and leaves your skin looking radiant, renewed and glowing.

Shiseido makeup IBUKI Beauty Sleeping Mask

#2 – WASO Beauty Sleeping Mask: Late nights of celebration and prep can cause unpredictable skin concerns. This overnight leave-on gel mask is your last step before you sleep. It leaves skin looking beautifully dewy and hydrated by morning.

Shiseido makeup Benefiance Wrinkle Resist

#3 – BENEFIANCE WrinkleResist24 Pure Retinol Express Smoothing Eye Mask: This will soon be your “beauty secret weapon!” With each use, the texture underneath the eye is refined, making you look vibrant, well-rested, and ready! There are twelve treatments in each box. Fun to share with everyone in your squad before you get glammed up!

Wedding Guide Magazine:  What would you say is the best way to makeover skin, lips, and lashes so a bride can wow on her wedding day?

Stephen Sardella:

We think brides should reimagine beauty with the newly launched Shiseido Makeup Collection! Premised on four unique textures – Dews, Powders, Gels and Inks – these revolutionary and highly-pigmented formulas should be a staple for any makeover.

Shiseido makeup Aura Dew Solar

Aura Dew: A product unlike any other. The finish of this multidimensional highlighter suspends ultra-fine rose, silver, and gold Japanese pearls. Its revolutionary texture ensures that this highlighter stays put for 12 hours. A subtle shimmer finish that dances in the light. Unspeakably beautiful.

Shiseido makeup Inner Glow

Inner Glow Cheek Powder: This blush and highlighter have a unique cream-powder texture. The airy powder will stay put for eight hours. The refined mica provides a lit-from-within glow. Pro-tip: use Inner Glow to highlight the cheekbone and décolleté.

Shiseido makeup powder lipstick

ModernMatte Powder Lipstick: This non-drying formula serves a full coverage matte finish that feels weightless on your lips. It’s super long-lasting and has become a “go-to” in the lip game. Shade 502 Whisper can be the perfect nude, or 524 Dark Fantasy to feature the lip. This powder texture and finish is everything.

Shiseido makeup micro liner ink

MicroLiner Ink: This flexible liner will last up to 24 hours and is the pièce-de-résistance for your lashes. The micro-thin liner pencil can be dotted between lashes or glided across eyes with remarkable precision. Fine detail is important for many brides, and this liner gives this edge unlike anything I have used in 20 years doing makeup. Waterlines are decorated with ease and comfort.

Wedding Guide Magazine: What are the absolute best makeup tips that every bride needs to know ahead of her wedding day?

Stephen Sardella:

Weddings can be stressful for everyone. Here are a few tips for the bride to stay stress-free and picture perfect for the big day.

  • Be open to suggestions, but ensure you love everything at your make-up trial. If you are hiring a professional make-up artist, they want you to look and feel your very best.
  • Hair removal may cause redness or skin irritation once it is complete. Please do these treatments at least a week before your wedding day. Don’t wax, tweeze, thread or remove any unwanted hair from your face a day or two before your wedding day.
  • Prepare your space with good, natural lighting.

Remember to breathe when you are having your mascara applied. Deep breaths. This advice was given to me when I first started and makes each of my clients feel relaxed and at ease.

Find harmony and balance on your wedding day with these recommended products from Shisedo. For more information on their innovative product line visit

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