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The dress was step one; now it is time to create your look. Accessories and adornments can completely change the look and feel of your gown. There are so many options for veils alone. Do you choose a fingertip, birdcage, or Juliet veil?  Each evokes a different style and harkens back to a different time period, so what do you want to communicate with your stunning accessories? Wedding Guide Magazine has you covered. We have curated a selection of accessories and accoutrements that are crafted by innovative designers we know you will love. From fascinators to garters, dress belts to hair do-dads, and every veil your heart desires; browse our hand-picked selection to finish off your look!

Within our curated accessories, we have options for brides, bridesmaids, and the mother-of-the-bride (and groom!). Make sure to check back often; we refresh our list often so that brides and wedding guests alike can find that perfect je ne sais quoi.

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