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December 13, 2018Wedding Guide Mag

No matter what season ends up being your wedding season, every bride should have a pedicure on her to do list. Whether you are getting married barefoot on a sunny beach in Saint Martin or bundling up for a New Years exchanging of vows at Blue Mountain, a pedicure is a must-have.

Self-Care for Cold Weather Brides

For winter brides, in particular, pedicures tend to be low on their to-do list, considering they will be most likely hiding their toes inside closed toes shoes. It is not just about having pretty toes, though, it is about feeling your absolute best on your wedding day. Plus, you may end up kicking off those heels on the dance floor and having a nice pedicure for that would be a plus.

Best Practices

To get the best results out of your pedicure, you should be seeing your aesthetician around every four weeks to a month. Regular upkeep helps to keep dead skin at bay, promotes circulation, and your spa specialist can spot problems that begin to arise (no one wants a plantar wart on their wedding day).

Debunking Pedicure Myths

If you love polish, especially bolder and darker colours, then it can be wise to take polish breaks every few pedicures. The old myth that your nails need to “breathe” is not true. Nails are composed of dead cells, which is why it does not hurt to cut them. While you do not need to take breaks from polish to let your nails “breathe,” it is a good idea to take breaks from polish to prevent discolouration and yellowing of the nail as well as weakening of the nail thanks to acetone. If you usually wear dark or bright colours on your toenails, and you want something softer or sheer for your wedding, this discolouration might become a factor. Another reason why nail polish breaks are good for you!

Step by Step 

When you go to get a pedicure, or if you do your own pedicures at home, certain steps need to be adhered to so that you get the best result. To have smooth, beautiful feet on your wedding day one of the most critical steps is the soak. Every pedicure should start with a 10 to 15-minute soak in warm water. Soaking feet helps loosen dead skin cells to make buffing and exfoliating easier, as well as soften the nails so that when trimming and filing you will not have any broken nails.

To take care of the nails, a great pedicure needs to include a few things. You need to exfoliate and buff the skin of the feet, trim and file the nails, clean under the nails to get rid of anything unsightly or that could cause infection, and moisturize the skin and nails.

Two more controversial steps include cutting the cuticles and buffing the nail. No one should cut your cuticles. Instead, push them back with a tool to prevent infections and expose the nail. Your cuticles will be soft enough after soaking to do this. As far as buffing, unless you have bumpy, thick, or wavy nail beds and want a smooth surface for the polish, then buffing can be skipped.

How to Pick Your Polish

Once you have taken care of the feet, the next step is the best step: polish. Your aesthetician can help you find a polish that works well with your skin’s undertone. Skin tone falls into three main categories: warm, cool, and neutral.

Warm tones include yellow and gold undertones, cool tones include pink and blue undertones, and neutral skin encompasses very subtle or olive undertones. If you are neutral, you are good to go with any colour. Warm tones, however, look best with corals, warm reds, and pinks, while cool tones look best with cool or blue tone reds and deep colours. If you really decide though, one fun option for your pedicure is for it to be your something blue, and to opt for a toe polish in blue.

Take some time before your big day to invest in some self-care and get a pedicure, no matter what season bride you are. Your feet will thank you, especially when you give up on heels for the night.

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